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Market Me

Close more deals
Fuel your sales growth
Increase your turnover

The #1 program that helps you scale your sales

Market Me is a six-week program with an outsized impact on your growth. Twenty ambitious entrepreneurs who want to put their growth on the fast track will build their own professional sales machine. You will get to know yourself as a sales person and craft a stellar sales pitch. We send you home with a concrete sales action plan for the coming year, and all the tools you need to make it happen.

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Market Me is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who are gung-ho about growing. The program is focused on individual guidance, group coaching and peer learning.

  • Your investment: 399,- (excl. VAT)
  • Capacity: 20 selected participants
  • Application deadline: TBA
  • Duration: 6 weeks

Want to join the next cohort skyrocketing the quantity and quality of their sales? Share your details and we'll keep you posted later this year!

See your turnover skyrocket

Increase the quantity & quality of your sales

Grow both as a company and as an entrepreneur

Why apply?

It goes without saying: sales are the holy grail of every company. Here’s some arguments for registering you might not have thought of yet:

Find & keep new customers

Ensure that your sales teams and partners are equipped to find new customers for you. Learn everything from acquisition to retention.

Recognize and spot potential deals effectively

Don’t miss an opportunity, or waste your time on dead-end roads.

Turn closed deals into revenue

You’ve closed the deal: now what? Take effective steps quickly to cash in on your success.

Transition smoothly from sales to customer success

Landing customers is great: keeping them happy is even better. We teach you how to build on your sales momentum and turn your customers into ambassadors.

Make your business scaleable

Once you have your sales machine down, it will do the heavy lifting for you so your growth can take off.

Meet our experts


Bruno Desmet

Managing Partner at The House of Sales
Sophie VandriesscheSophie VandriesscheSophie Vandriessche

Sophie Vandriessche

Managing Partner at The House of Sales
Malcolm LarriMalcolm LarriMalcolm Larri

Malcom Larri

Pitching Expert at Brave

What our participants are saying

What I really learned is that sales is first and foremost a human process. Market Me illuminated each phase of the sales funnel so efficiently and concretely that we could immediately translate the concepts and tools into practice.

Ruslan Podgaetskiy (Davai Dumplings)

My top takeaway from Market Me is to go back to your foundations and start from there. As a starting entrepreneur you have so much going on at the same time, that after a while it’s good to return to the basics and properly define the Why of your business. This helps to establish clear goals and focus.

Lucia Buysschaert (WHOOwine)

Market Me taught us how to highlight why our platform is the ideal solution, and also how to attract their interest in talking to us in the first place. We’ve seen our turnover double compared to last year.”

Jurgen Goens (LiLo)

About Market Me

Partnership with VLAIO: Together for strong, ambitious entrepreneurship

Flanders could be a bit more ambitious when it comes to entrepreneurship. We need more starters, more stayers, and more growers. That is why the Agency for Innovation and Enterprise (VLAIO) wants to set up projects that encourage, support or guide entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Together with the VLAIO partners, we are bundling our strengths and resources. Start it Accelerate Market Me is part of a network of initiatives that entrepreneurs can use to thrive. Together for #strongentrepreneurship.



Market Me consists of three intensive workshops that last the whole day. Thanks to our collaboration with Netwerk Ondernemen & Vlaams Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen, we are able to offer this programme for 399,- (excl. VAT). Important: The full amount must be paid before the start of the program. Registration is only final upon payment.


Here are some of the main criteria we consider during the selection process:

  • Traction already present
  • Ongoing sales, looking for a solid acceleration and/or very strong view on a number of significant deals (in big-deal market)
  • Plans to create about 10 future-proof jobs within a year
  • An annual turnover of min. € 50,000 and/or € 250,000 capital raised
  • You own the majority of shares
  • You have a registered office in Flanders
  • You are 100% committed
  • You are available for all program sessions

After you have applied for Market Me, the jury will review your file. Based on the criteria and spots available, they will see whether or not there is a match.

Not a match? No worries! We will offer alternatives and help you on your way.

We’re a match? Then you’ll be invited to all the program sessions.

1. KICKOFF. This is the moment when we all get to know each other for the first time: teachers, organisers, and participants, and YOU!

2. SALES MOTIVATION & PRE-SALES. Founder issues and sales are two of the most common problems in startups, so we are here to help. We will help you find the right mindset for you and your team to do effective sales. In the afternoon, we'll give you concrete tools to structure your current pre-sales.

3. SALES ORGANISATION & DEAL CLOSING. We do a "scale your sales" scan and then look at your sales strategy and plan. Afterwards, we continue with "from promise to euro", where we show you how to turn promises into money in your account.

4. SALES PITCHING & AFTER-SALES. Time to fine-tune your sales pitch. In the afternoon, you will learn how to turn your customers into ambassadors (after-sales).

5. SCALE YOUR SALES & TERMS & CONDITIONS. There are two tracks to choose from. We will wrap up this session with an important section on general conditions and the legal framework of sales.

a. Sales Process & Methodology (for startups)

b. Sales Leadership & Team (for scalers)

6. RETURN VISIT. 6 weeks after the “scale your sales” session, we schedule return visit to check up on your progress and give you more advice.

7. FOLLOW-UP. We will review your efforts after 6 & 12 months to make sure you’re still on your path to success.

Joining forces for ambitious entrepreneurship